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Hillcrest Golf Course Updates

Hillcrest Golf Course has been a long time part of the District 2 Neighborhood. With the announcement that the property has been placed for sale, many residents, businesses and neighborhood organizations have raised concerns regarding proposals for the use of this property.  Any proposals for the site will have impact on the neighborhood and we believe by being proactive and transparent, we can all come to a solution that will benefit the neighborhood and our residents. Please check back to this page and we will continue to update it as information becomes available. District 2 is also compiling a list of residents’ emails to update first as information becomes available. If you would like to be added to the “Hillcrest List”, email Lisa at

2/16/2018:  As of today, neither District 2 nor the City of St Paul is aware of any purchases or proposals for use of this site. District 2 staff spoke with City staff today and to date they have not launched a planning or zoning study on the site, however are planning to do so in the “not-so-distant future”. Once the owners decide when they plan to sell, the process will begin. Because there is no decision on that timing yet, the process is being delayed.  The City will be in contact with District 2 on any plans for public hearings and/or engagement opportunities related to the site going forward as well as any studies they will be conducting and District 2 will keep this page as well as the “Hillcrest List” updated as further information becomes available.