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Neighborhood Plan

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Neighborhood Plan

In 2017, the District 2 Staff and Board will begin a major outreach project to start work on the next 10 year plan for the neighborhood. The purpose of this plan is to provide a 10-year vision, policy priorities and strategies to guide growth, investment and development in the district. It also provides a process for community engagement to discuss and set priorities for the future of our area consistent with and assisting to implement the Saint Paul Comprehensive Plan at the local level.

We want to hear from all residents, business owners and employees on what you like about our neighborhood, what you would like to see improved and what your vision is for the future. We will be launching a survey by end of March and posting it on this page. This year outreach and getting to know you will be our primary project. We are planning pop-up events at area parks and partnering with organizations in our neighborhood with already existing events to meet as many of you as possible. We will add the list of events to the D2 calendar as they are confirmed.

Would you like to help us to get the word out or collect responses from folks? Volunteers are needed to help us reach our goals to talk to as many District 2 folks as possible! Please call Lisa at the District 2 Office at 651-774-2220 or via email at d2lisa@qwestoffice.net to help out. Whether you have 1 hour or many, every little bit helps!



Equity Planning Project

District 2 Staff will be working to create and Equity Plan for our neighborhood in the first half of 2017. This project is funded by a Saint Paul Innovation Fund Grant written by the District 1 (Conway/Battle Creek/SunRay) Community Council. 6 different neighborhood organizations are participating in this project to write a plan that ensures equity for all in everything the council does from administrative to programming. We all succeed when all feel welcome and that their voice is heard and valued. For more information or to help with this project, contact Lisa at the District 2 Office at 651-774-2220 or via email at d2lisa@qwestoffice.net.

Our first step in this process is to write an “Investment Rationale” or our reasoning behind a renewed focus on equity.

Investment Rationale:

Planning District 2/Greater East side Neighborhood of Saint Paul is home to over 28000 people. The mission of District 2 per bylaws is to maintain and/or achieve desirable, livable neighborhoods within Planning District 2; to plan for the economic physical and social development of the area; to unite & foster collaboration of residents and of organizations which serve in District 2 and to educate residents on matters of common interest and to foster pride in the area.

The neighborhood has become more diverse culturally and poverty has increased. Over the past twenty years, District 2 has witnessed dramatic demographic changes. According to the US Census Bureau, 26% of the population were people of color in the year 2000. By the year 2014, that number had grown to 69%. 59% of the population speak another language other than English with nearly 22% of the population said to speak English “less than very well”. 67% of the householders have moved into the neighborhorhood since 2000 and 25% living with income below poverty line.

To meet the needs of the changing population and continue to unite residents on matters of common interest, District 2 will consistently apply a cultural diversity and inclusionary lens to its work. Through the use of this lens, District 2 will engage and serve all of the different cultural populations of the neighborhood and achieve the desirable, livable neighborhoods envisioned.

This document is still in draft form but hopefully will be completed by end of March with approval by the District 2 Board & the Neighborhood at the Annual Meeting on April 19.

Again, we would appreciate your help with this project and your feedback on the Investment Rationale document and the final plan.